How can I join in?


I am under six...

You are too young to be a member in your own right, but you have some options on getting involved or getting prepared for beavers. If you have an older brother and sister in beavers, cubs, scouts or explorers - keep an ear out, there may be opportunities for you to come and try out some activities. You might like to see if your local scout group maintains a waiting list.

A waiting list?

We don't want to operate waiting lists - but they are a nessessity due to a shortage of adults. If there is a waiting list operating for your local group, you could consider asking your parents to join themselves to help reduce those lists


I am between six and seventeen...

You are just the right age to get the full scouting experience. Check out our Groups page where you will be able to see a map showing the approximate location of all of the groups in Reigate. Pick out your local group and visit their website to see what sort of things they offer and to find out how to get in touch with them.

There are sections for each age group, so when you join you will be with Boys and Girls of your own age who probably share lots of interests with you and are also looking to make new friends.


Since the late 1980s girls have been welcomed to scouting. Today the organisation is full co-educational, with girls able to join any section in any group.


I am between eighteen and twenty-five...

It's not too late.  Scout Network is an organisation for those aged 18-25 who wish to carry on their personal development through Scouting, with a mixed emphasis on development, community involvement and social activities.


I feel twenty-six, but may be a little older...

Adults never really lose their desire for adventure, they just set it aside to concentrate on other things. Scouting is your opportunity to rekindle that excitment for yourself while enabling a whole new generation to experience the thrills and wonder of the world that you felt in your childhood.

Whether you can spare an evening once a term to help or would like to commit to something a little more hands-on - there really are opportunities for everyone. And the offer of help will always be received with gratitude by leaders and young people alike.

Roles exist such as: Occassional helpers at section meetings, maintainance of equipment or property, running sections, skills instructors, committee members for executives, providing training for adults or children, helping or running camps. Just as the activities we offer are unbounded - so are the opportunities for helping.


Why scouting?

Today, scouting is incredibly popular more so than for more than three decades. In 2009-10, the organisation nationally saw numbers increase by the largest amount in nearly 40 years to nearly 500,000 people.

Reigate district covers a wide area including Chipstead, Kingswood, Reigate, Redhill, Merstham, Salfords, South Nutfield and Horley. All the groups in this area with the guidance of the District work together to provide joint activities, competitions and camps for all ages.