masterchef_scoutsEdward, Rosie, Tasha and Skye made up the winning team of Masterchef 2012 from the 17th Reigate Scouts. The team were awarded first place for their meal of Beef in tomato sauce with Polenta, followed by Tiramasu for desert. It was a very close competition.

Seven teams took part and spent the afternoon filling the hall with a mixture of wonderful aroma's. They were tasked to provide a two course meal for two people for a cost of no more than £8, using only two double gas burners. After judging the District Team were close to hand and ready with their forks to taste the food on the menu just to check it was ok to eat!!! Our expert Judge, Debbie Miller remarked that she was amazed how well everyone had coped using only gas burners.

Well done to everyone who took part.