DSCF391134TH REIGATE (Meadvale) Explorers & Scouts Summer Camp Wales 2012

The 34th Reigate (Meadvale) Explorers and Scouts have just returned from a week in Wales on Camp. They stayed at the fantastic Llandysul Paddlers centre.

The group of 12 Explorers 6 Scouts and 7 leaders took part in many fantastic activities including, Rafting, Mountain Biking going down the fast slopes of the mountain, they made rafts and raced them across the lake. They did white water kayaking through the rapids alongside the Welsh National team. They took part in rock climbing and abseiling. Next up it was the Grand River swim which was going down rapids which was very exciting. They also spent time jumping into the river from the rocks. They ran there own camp fire with lots of songs and stunts.

For one of the days out they went Coastering jumping from the cliffs into the sea and swimming through long caves, in the evening they went to the seaside went swimming and had a beach BBQ. The next day out was a trip to Battle Field Live which saw them take part in laser games of shooting with four different games which was very tiring. Then it was off to Tenby and a bit of swimming and a look round the shops. They also had a massive sandcastle competition as well. They finished the week off with a fashion Show with clothes from a Charity shop which went in with their theme of Recycling which they had taken part in all week.

The winning patrol was Griffins lead by Patrol Leader Zoe Hillier Wood who also won Best Explorer and Adrian Palmer won the best Scout Award.