rabbitsReigate District ran its first District Survival Camp at Jordan Heights Scout camp site Reigate and the event was a great success.

We had leaders from the 2nd, 30th, 34th, Network and District helping over the weekend.

In the end the 2nd Reigate and the 34th Reigate (Meadvale) won the event jointly and received the trophy.

Who could forget the seriousness of the mountain rescue but the fun and determination of the teams to complete the rescue, the fantastic cooking by the 34th one pot meal and the best nettle tea we have ever tasted. The superb shelter built by the second and the rabbits gutted and cooked for lunch by all the teams.

Over the weekend the Explorers learned skills of making and improving shelters, backwoods cooking, one pot meals, emergency rescues, finding articles in the dark, axing, knives, saw. How to use different types of cookers and making gadgets. They gutted rabbits and cooked them for lunch and learned what you can do with a potato! They finished by making luminous fires to get rescued by the smoke.

A true weekend of Scouting and the Explorers were a true credit to the District