Frequently, following a walk across Headley Heath I have to remove a tick or two from the dog – horrible parasites that look like white grapes. About the middle of April I walked my dog over Headley Heath. In the evening I noticed that my ankle was sore.  On investigation I found a large angry looking swelling topped by a tick.  I removed the tick and expected the swelling to go, however 7 days later the leg was seriously swollen from foot to knee and a visit to the doctor was necessary.  Lyme disease was a possibility and a course of antibiotics prescribed.  A seven day course, the swelling reduced but has still not gone and the redness has faded.

The doctor suggested that when walking/hiking it is a good idea to tuck trousers into socks – what happens with short trousers I don’t know.  Lyme disease can be a killer and is difficult to diagnose.

How do we risk assess that situation – it is the first time it has happened to me.