281447_10150338205303268_685443267_9607624_8331062_nThe 34th Reigate (Meadvale) Explorers and Scouts have just returned from a nine day trip to Switzerland. The Group of 45 leaders, Explorers and Scouts had a fantastic time staying in a traditional Swiss chalet and taking part in some thrilling activities. The group did White Water rafting near Interlaken, went up on the train on the Jungeravjoch mountain railway the highest in Europe and visited the Ice Caves and had fun snow balling and sledging in the snow. They went swimming in the outdoor pool with beautiful view of the mountain all around them. The Explorers did Canoyonning which started with a 50 metre abseil into the Gorge then sliding down water falls and jumping into pools. The Scouts visited a cheese farm and took part in traditional Swiss games which included Cheese rolling and milking a cow. They went up three different cable cars and to Lake Oesshinen and swam in the glacier lake and enjoyed the Toboggan run many times. They had an evening out up the mountain in a cable car in the dark for a special Swiss night which included food and entertainment which saw the Group performing Boy Scouts out Camping. Next up the Group split into three to do some hikes.
The Scouts did a hike down through the valley and the Explorers did a glacier hike walking up a mountain and into snow and ice and the other Explorers did a hike and climb up a water fall doing viaferrata. This was a great achievement for both groups going up so high into the mountains and achieving what the set out to achieve. On the last day in Switzerland everybody went to the adventure park which saw massive aerial runways across the gorge rope ladders and an abseil of a very high bridge. The highlight for the Explorers was the pendulum swing jumping straight off the bridge. They finished the Camp with a grand show with stunts song and plays. On the way back the group called in Colmar in France for some sight seeing. Two of the Explorers were enrolled on the Camp Aaron in a cable car and William on the Ferry in France.