DSCF9795The 34th Reigate (Meadvale) Explorers have just returned from winning the District great Escape competition for a fantastic third time. Sam George has also now won the

competition three times with three different patrols.

Over the three days they had to complete lots of different bases including a missile run, Catacombs of Doom, Parachute drop, Shooting, Giant catapults, Minefields, covert enemy surveillance strap of death and a night time operation. They used rat packs for food and slept in shelters hidden in the woods with the hunter force out trying to capture them with flour Bombs. The final assault saw the Explorers have an all out battle with the leaders -a great time was had by all the eleven teams from around the District and the leaders.

34th_QUEENS_sCOUTSThe 34thReigate (Meadvale) Explorer Scouts have six new Queen Scouts. Max Smithson, Max Kelsey,Dan Chaney, Tristan Mitchell,James Verdon and Sam George alongside County Commissioner Roxanna Bostock. They have completed many different activities including two different sixty mile hikes, working with the National Trust for their Residential projects on Headley. Visiting Switzerland and learning new skills in First Aid , Marshal Arts, football refereeing and helping at Cubs and Scouts.
This gives the Unit a total of 29 Queen Scouts in nine years for our small unit.

Charity Shop Fashion Show

For our end of term meeting the 24th Reigate Scouts held a Charity Shop Fashion show.

The Scouts were split into 4 Fashion Houses. The remit for the Fashion Houses was to create two outfits with clothes bought from Charity shops on a budget of £20.

 Prior to the event the Scouts spent a Saturday afternoon in Redhill scouring the Charity shops items for their creations.

True to life we had a merger of two of the Fashion Houses!

On the night the show was hosted by Imogen and the Scouts did their walks before an audience made up of parents, family, friends, and of course the Judges.  After each walk the Judges gave their comments and scored each outfit.

The Scouts put on a great show, making the judge’s job very difficult. The creations varied from street to sophisticated and on to wacky. Prizes were given for Best Male Outfit, Best Female Outfit, Best Fashion House Logo, Best Make-up, Best Pose/Strut, and Overall Best Fashion House.

We would like to thank our Judges for taking part; Dean Holborn (Holborn’s, South Nutfield), Lauren Owen and Angela Harris (District SL).  We also like to thank the District for use of their portable PA system.

Rob Campbell, SL 24th Reigate (South Nutfield) Scout Group