Winners - 30th Reigate 9 points - 3 x 1st places 

2nd place - 1st/2nd Horley 9 points - 2 x 1st places

3rd place - Pathfinder Haynes 10 points - 3 x 1st places

4th place - 34th Reigate 10 points - 2 x 1st places

5th place - 6th Reigate 10 points - 1 x 1st places

6th place - 7th Reigate 13 points

7th place - 9th Horley 15 points - 1 x 1st places, 2 x 2nd places

8th place - 9th Reigate 15 points - 1 x 1st places, 2 x 3rd places

9th place - 17th Reigate 16 points - 1 x 1st places

10th place - 38th Reigate 16 points - 0 x 1st places

11th place - 15th Reigate 18 points

Joint 12th place - 5th Clarke 19 points / 24th Reigate 19 points, same amount of placings

Joint 14th place - 2nd Reigate - 20 points / 8th Reigate 20 points, same amount of placings.

15 Packs took part.

Margaret Tilford

My name is James Farnes I am 16 yrs old and an Explorer Scout at 9th Horley Scout Group and one of the two explorers chosen to represent Horley District (which has now amalgamated with Reigate District) at the Jamboree in Sweden.  We are leaving on the 25th July spending a couple of days in Copenhagen then travelling to the Jamboree afterwards we will spending a few days in Finland living with a family returning home on 12th August 2011.  Surrey is sending nearly 100 scouts to the Jamboree.  In preparation my contingent have spent a number of weekends together camping to get to know each other and we also travelled to Brownsea Island to buy badges we can swop at the Jamboree.  To raise money for this event I did a sponsored abseil down the science block at Oakwood School Horley last June and raised nearly £300.00.  I am doing a sponsored swim on 8th May I am swimming 200 lengths of the pool 5000 metres and if anyone would like to sponsor me you can contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I am looking forward to attending the Jamboree meeting people from different cultures, making new friends and learning new skills.