What we do

If you think Scouting’s just about knots, woggles
and big shorts, then be prepared to be surprised.

There are 450,000 young people in Scouting, spread across Six sections:
Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts, Explorer Scouts and the Scout Network,
plus the new younger Squirrels Scouts, which is being introduced.

Each section has its own balanced programme of activities, badges and awards.
It’s how Richard Branson, Barack Obama and David Beckham got their start in life and you can benefit too.

Adventure is at the heart of everything we do. It is the single most important thing that sets Scouts apart.

It’s exciting being involved with us. We believe that through the everyday adventure of Scouting,
young people and adult volunteers regularly experience new challenges that enrich their lives
and meet life long friends.

Every young person in Scouting enjoys a balanced range of activities, events and experiences,
covering a huge range of activities, from outdoor and physical pursuits to community involvement,
creative expression and learning about the wider world.

Together we help Scouts get the most out of their Scouting experience by including elements
from as many zones as possible within the activities on offer. And, the older they get,
the more input young people themselves have in their own activity selection,
which range from hiking in the dark, travelling across the country with just a backpack
and three friends, and spending the first night away from home.

Enquiries can be addressed to:   join@reigatescouts.org.uk

The district operates as a registered Charity No 1140186.


    4-5 years 
   Learn, Play and
    Get Outdoors