Reigate District Groups

Reigate District has 16 very active Scout Groups supporting
Squirrel Drays, Beaver Colonies, Cub Packs, Scout Troops
as well as 8 Explorer Units,
a Scout Network for the 18-25s
and an Active Support Unit

1st/2nd Horley Scarf 1st/2nd Horley (Cloverfields) Group website

2nd Reigate Scarf 2nd Reigate (Earlwood) Group Website

5th Reigate Scarf 5th Reigate (Merstham) Group Website

6th Reigate scarf 6th Reigate (Shaws Corner, Redhill) Group Website

7th Reigate scarf 7th Reigate (Timperley Gardens, Redhill) Group Website

8th Reigate scarf  8th Reigate (Royal Alexandra and Albert School) Website

9th Horley scarf 9th Horley (Methodist Church) Website

 9th Reigate scarf  9th Reigate (Lower Kingswood) Group Website

14th Reigate scarf 14th Reigate (South Park) Group Website

15rh Reigate scarf 15th Reigate (Chipstead) Group Website

17th Reigate scarf 17th Reigate (St Joseph’s Redhill) Group Website

24th Reigate scarf 24th Reigate (South Nutfield) Group Website

30th Reigate scarf 30th Reigate (Slipshoe Street, Reigate) Group Website

34th Reigate scarf 34th Reigate (Meadvale) Group Website

38th Reigate scarf 38th Reigate (Reigate Park Church) Group Website

Pathfinder scarf Pathfinder (Horley) Group Website

Pathfinder scarf Pathfinder (Salfords) Group Website

Enquiries can be addressed to:

The district operates as a registered Charity No 1140186.