Youth Shaped Scouting

Youth Shaped Scouting is all about ensuring that the 3000 young people in scouting in Reigate,
get the opportunity to shape their own adventure, take on responsibility, develop skills,
make decisions and influence their Scouting programme and experience, in partnership with adults! 

It’s about giving young people greater opportunities to give their views and opinions,
and making sure that we listen to these, and act on them.

The more young people are involved in shaping their Scouting experiences,
the more they will get out of it, the more likely they are to stay,
do well and achieve their top awards. 

Marcus Martin-Burns and Kama Miller-Gambie are the District Youth Commissioners for Reigate.
Their role is to ensure that young people are involved and engaged in decisions
that shape their experience and to empower young people to share their ideas and have a voice.
Also, to work in partnership with key members of the District Team and District Executive. 

If you have any questions, ideas or opinions please feel free to get in contact with
the District Youth Commissioners (Kama & Marcus)
via email at