Cowhorn 2024

Reigate Scouts Hike Challenge

Compete with other Reigate Scout teams against the clock to win points, with the best team bringing home the coveted Cowhorn trophy.
Navigate from activity station to activity station completing unknown challenges along the way.

When: (Sat 27 Apr -) Sun 28 Apr 2024.

Where: Jordan Heights campsite, Reigate Hill, RH2 9LX.

There are two options for participation:

  • Cowhorn — camp overnight on the Saturday night before completing a route navigation and hike on the Sunday.
  • the Hoof Hike — take part in just the route navigation and hike on the Sunday.

Booking forms are open now!

For questions in the meantime, please contact Stelio Passaris (, 07810 522 966).

In Summary…

When?Saturday 27 April 2024.
5pm at Jordan Heights.
Hiking will be staggered start times from around 08:30 on Sunday 28 April.
Where?Secret location somewhere in Reigate District!
Camping overnight at Jordan Heights on Reigate Hill the night before.
What?Saturday: Cook expedition dinner and camp overnight.
Sunday: Cook breakfast then head off on the hike.
Cost?£5 per Scout.
One Leader camping free for each team.
£2 per Scout if only doing the hike.
Team size?Four to six Scouts.
How to enter?Fill in this form.

Can your Scouts read a map?
Can they navigate their way home?
Time to find out!

Cowhorn is back for 2024! We’re following the same format as previous years with the camping on the Saturday night and the hike on the Sunday. It should be a great way to prepare your Scouts for the Expedition Challenge.

It’s an incident hike of around eight miles through the Surrey countryside starting and finishing at Jordan Heights. The exact route is top secret until the day itself; in fact your Scouts will only find out checkpoint by checkpoint where they’ll be heading. Each checkpoint will present a different challenge and a chance to gain points.

There will be two trophies up for grabs: the Cowhorn Trophy will be awarded to the team with the most points across the whole weekend, and the Hoof Trophy will be awarded to the team with the most points from the hike.

Teams are made up of four to six Scouts and we’re happy to accommodate training teams as well.

We’re intending it to be a stepping stone to the Expedition Challenge so there’s no need for the Scouts to carry all their kit with them; tents and other equipment can be left at Jordan Heights on Sunday. We do expect them to cook an expedition-type meal on the Saturday night and for Sunday breakfast.

Saturday will start at 5pm with the Scouts pitching tents and cooking dinner. We’ll then have a campfire before everyone beds down for the night. The hiking will begin from around 08:30-09:00 next morning.

Ideally we’d like a Leader from each Troop to camp at Jordan Heights but if you can’t it won’t be a problem; just let us know. If you haven’t got a Nights Away Permit it will be a great opportunity to get some experience of camping.

The cost will be £5 per Scout with one Leader per team camping for free. If you’re only doing the hike then it’s £2 per Scout.

Any questions?

Let us know! Stelio Passaris (, 07810 522 966).

Meal Planning

Scouts will be bringing their own food:

  • Saturday dinner: Scouts to cook an expedition-style hot meal, including catering for their Leader.
  • Sunday breakfast: Scouts to cook an expedition-style hot meal, including catering for their Leader.
  • Sunday lunch: Scouts to bring their own packed lunches and snacks.

When deciding what food to bring, note that there is no refrigeration on-site.

Kit List

If you have any problems getting hold of anything on this list, please let us know — we’ll find a way of helping you!

To bring with you at check-in

  • Completed medical and emergency contact forms for each member of the team. We’ll e-mail you the form before the day.

To be worn or carried by each team member whilst hiking

  • Clothing appropriate to the weather, including spare warm clothes
  • Hiking boots — must be sturdy and waterproof with ankle support
  • Waterproof jacket and trousers
  • Reflective jacket
  • Group scarf
  • Packed lunch and snacks
  • Water bottle
  • Pen/pencil and paper
  • Day sack

To be carried as a team whilst hiking

  • Basic first aid kit including survival bag
  • At least two maps (OS Explorer 146)
  • At least two compasses
  • Mobile phone (ideally)

For camping at Jordan Heights

  • Enough tents for the team — ideally lightweight hiking-style
  • Sleeping bag and roll mat
  • Sleepwear
  • Complete change of clothes including warm clothes for the evening
  • Wash kit
  • Torch / headtorch
  • Expedition cooker and fuel — Trangia, lightweight gas stove, or similar
  • Expedition-style food for Saturday evening meal and Sunday breakfast — both meals should be hot and include the Leader(s) camping with them
  • Any personal equipment being left at Jordan Heights must be contained in one named rucksack / hold-all per person

The Rules

  1. Teams are between four and six Scouts. Training teams with a Leader walking as well can also be accepted although won’t be able to compete for the trophies. If you don’t have a complete team, let us know and we’ll try to link you up with others.
  2. Teams will need to supply their own equipment, including maps (Explorer 146), clothing, footwear, first aid kits, cooking equipment, food, and tents. Please see the separate kit list above. We can help if you’re stuck — just ask!
  3. Teams with insufficient or inappropriate equipment will not be allowed to start.
  4. Teams need one mobile phone sealed in a bag. However, this is only for emergency use — not for calling parents, a taxi, or Google Maps!
  5. Reflective jackets and Group scarfs to be worn at all times. There is no need for full uniform on the hike.
  6. Leaders must ensure that their teams have had some basic first aid and navigation training before the event.
  7. Scouts are not expected to carry their overnight equipment — this can be left at Jordan Heights.
  8. Teams are expected to follow footpaths wherever possible and not to cross or follow busy roads unless advised to. Where this is necessary there will be Leaders present to assist in crossing safely. Where road walking is unavoidable, it must be in single file, facing the oncoming traffic if there is no pavement.
  9. Teams are expected to keep together when hiking and follow both the Countryside Code and Scout Law.
  10. Teams do not need to camp overnight at Jordan Heights. However, if they do not they won’t be eligible for the Cowhorn Trophy (just the Hoof Trophy). Ideally one Leader should accompany each team overnight, however this is not essential.
  11. Nights Away Permits are not required by Leaders. This will be run as a District event under one permit holder.
  12. Points will be awarded as follows:
    • Up to 5 points for the time taken between each base. Full points will be gained by walking about 2.5 mph (4 km/h) and not getting lost!
    • Up to 15 points at each base for teamwork and behaviour.
    • Up to 20 points at each base for the activity.
    • Up to 20 points for teamwork and behaviour when camping.
    • Up to 20 points for camping skills.
    • Up to 20 points when cooking dinner.
    • Up to 20 points when cooking breakfast.
  13. Don’t forget: points mean prizes! The Cowhorn Trophy will be awarded to the team with the highest total points for the weekend (maximum 120). The Hoof Trophy will be awarded to the team with the highest total points for the hike and activities alone (maximum 40).